Remembering Reads

Every so often, I think I ought to write more book reviews. I like books and reading and finding more titles to add to the list or pile for future reading. It follows, therefore, that I should be writing more about them. About the things I read, the ones I enjoy reading and the ones I don’t.

Except. Over the years I’ve tried. Honest, I have. But either I immediately have a reading-drought or I can’t think of much to say because it was an all-right book. Not brilliant, but not chuck-across-the-room awful. Just, you know, all right. Entertaining for the moment, probably won’t reread it.

cross-stitched phrase reading so many books

So I just have my monthly round-up of the Recently Read.

I try to keep these as new-to-me books; I’m trying to read up the TBR pile, after all. But there are so many other books on my shelves. All the books I’ve read before and which remain, whether reread or not. They survive each cull for one reason or another.

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit recently, firstly with the cull of my books here and then with another cull of the books I keep at my parents’. Because I don’t have enough space in my flat. Or enough book shelves.

And so I thought I’d introduce a new bookish series: Remembering Reads. To talk about all the books I read before and which were all right. I haven’t quite worked out all the details, if I’ll go by genre or author or just how I’m feeling and really want to talk about thisbook or that book this time. But I expect it’ll be a bit like the Recently Reads, and I’ll group a selection each month. I’ll try to remember related books each time, though the relationship may well end up being a bit tenuous upon occasion.

Although since I’ve only just thought of this idea for a series, I haven’t actually got around to organising the Previously Read books into any sort of order, so I have none to offer this time. Just the idea. Next time, I shall have worked out the details a bit more. Probably.

What do you do with the books which don’t make it to either the Comfort Shelf or a Charity Shop, but which sort of linger on the other shelves?

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