Fat Quarter Sewing: The Blue Tablecloth

I didn’t mean to make the blue tablecloth this month. It was supposed to be the orange one. But several things conspired and the blue one was made.

Despite the ease with which the orange fat quarters started gathering, it seems much harder to find orange fat quarters in sets of five. Seven, yes, but not five, and I only need four. Very annoying.

But then, while reorganising the Craft Room, I rediscovered some blue fat quarters which I’d mislaid. I knew I had them somewhere, I just couldn’t find them. And then I did. There were three, plus a co-ordinating white.

A few days later, on the weekly shopping trip to Aldi, I found a set of five blues in the central Aisle of Surprise. Clearly, a hint: May would get a blue tablecloth.

It’s also the first tablecloth with no flowers.

Annoyingly, the fat quarters aren’t all quite the same size, so the edges don’t line up neatly. Easily trimmed down. At the time of writing, though, I seem to have mislaid my fabric scissors (both pairs!) in all the reorganising, so I haven’t yet managed to trim and hem the edges.

Now it’s just the orange and purple tablecloths to make and I’ll have my rainbow. Then I’ll take stock of the quarters I have left and see what can be done with them.

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