Life in Lessening Lockdown

We’re no longer in hibernation, though the weather doesn’t seem to have been told. It almost *whisper it* feels like we’re back to normal.

Though who knows what will happen with the variants currently Of Concern. I’m just looking forward to finally getting at least the first dose of my vaccination. It might be soon – we’re finally down to my decade’s age-group. Perhaps by the end of the month.

Stamp of mice eating ice-cream

I don’t think I’ve ever really looked forward to a vaccine before. To be fair, I haven’t had many since all the childhood ones. They’ve just been booked and I’ve gone along to be jabbed, but I’ve not thought much about them. But this one I do look forward to.

I’m not worried about potential side-effects. I’d rather them than actually catching Covid. They seem a small price to pay for protection, even if the vaccines don’t provide 100% protection. I’d say this is definitely a case of half a loaf being better than no bread.

I’m still not going to be hugging, though. I wasn’t a hugger before all this, and I see no reason why that should change now.

But it will be good to be able to see family and friends more frequently, especially now that overnight stays are allowed again. It’s difficult to go home for a day: we’re a 5-hour drive away. But with all of last year’s annual holiday still to use up, I expect there’ll be lots of long weekends, to make up for the last year of not seeing anyone.

Now we just need the summer weather to start…

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