This Week In Craft: Baby Blanket

I haven’t crocheted much since Christmas, despite plans for coasters to go with the rainbow of tablecloths. I don’t really need any more coasters, which is probably why I haven’t started on them yet.

The image shows a blanket folded in a quarter.

But this last month I’ve used up several balls and several more ends of balls on a baby blanket for a colleague’s memorial drive for the local maternity ward, for the parents of stillborn babies. The using up of yarns made for a very colourful blanket.

I like making blankets, though I don’t really need any more of my own. (Who am I kidding – no such thing as too many blankets!) I like the rhythm of blanket-making, the not having to think as I crochet. There’s nothing fiddly about make a blanket, nothing where you have to stop and concentrate, or count beyond a few stitches.

It becomes, in effect, a meditation. And something to keep my hands busy while I watch things.

This blanket had a waffle square centre, with a border of solid rows and grouped rows. I’m very fond of the waffle stitch, especially for blankets. Very squooshy and cosy.

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