Just Keep Going

The thing about life is that it isn’t all sunshine and daisies. Sometimes, it’s grey and miserable, and it’s difficult to find the motivation or do more than just go through the motions.

Sometimes it’s because you’ve started a Project (personal or professional) which will take a while and you’re stuck in the middle and can’t remember why you started it or see the end. Sometimes it’s because the weather outside is depressing. Sometimes you’ve experienced a traumatic or stressful event and you’re still processing it. Sometimes it’s more than one thing, or it’s something else altogether. Sometimes it comes from without, and sometimes from within.

The image shows a sloth stamped over an oval background of red, orange and yellow. In each corner is a gem and there is a sentiment in the bottom right corner which reads Hang in there. It is surrounded by an orange border.

Mostly, for me, it’s the weather. The winter is an especially unmotivating time of year, and normally by this time I expect to be out of the slump and full of optimism about the coming summer.

This year, the weather is not co-operating. I mean, we’ve had hail – HAIL I tell you – in May! So not impressed. I can only hope it picks up soon.

Usually, the Craft Room is a good place to escape the world, but my Big Plan to make all the Christmas cards early isn’t going as well as I’d hoped. So far, I’ve managed about three demonstration card fronts. I’d hoped to be half way through them all by now. Never mind, as I say every year I have this Big Plan and fail! Still loads of time…

Instead, I’ve been sporadically practising blending with the Distress Oxides I’ve started collecting. I decided to collect in colour-groups, so currently they’re in the red-yellow-orange part of the spectrum. I’m not very good at making cards just because – I like to have a reason, a recipient in mind, when I make cards – which can also be a bit of a hinderance to general card-making, but I’m having fun building the look-book.

The sloth seemed entirely appropriate to current feelings. At some point I intend to get one of those big multi-frames and make lots of different cheer-up-motivational reminders. Perhaps that would help each time there’s a funk.

What do you do to get out of a funk?

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