This Week In Crafts: Organising Threads

The image shows a desk with skeins of different coloured embroidery threads laid out and a pile of threads in the top left corner.

Bank holiday weekends are good opportunities to hide in the craft room and have a play.

Last weekend, while going through mini cross stitch kits, I split them into Done and Not Yet Done. They fill a box. I hadn’t realised I had quite so many as I do. I wonder if I’ll ever get to the end of them.

The image shows embroidery threads divided into rainbow colours in nine sections: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. pink, brown, grey.

When I complete a kit, especially the sort that comes free with magazines, I tend to just stuff the left-over threads back into the packaging and tuck the whole thing away. Since I was on an organising spree, I took the opportunity to go through them all and remove all the excess threads, and also to dispose of the patterns which I know I’m not going to make again.

Then I spent a while (about three afternoons) going through them, matching colours and shades, and tidying them into an old tea-tin, to make a rainbow. I had a couple of goes at it before I worked out the best way to tackle them, but I got there in the end.

Now I just need to remember to check the tin when I need more of a colour, in case I have a spare thread there. Mind you, I do also have one of those thread boxes with bobbins, a small one, filled with other off-cuts and left-over threads. I probably ought to go through them too…

What do you do with left-over threads? How do you organise them?

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