The Craft Room

I’ve been reorganising my office this month.


A few weeks back, M said he didn’t think the fairy lights in his corner really gave him enough light, and was there anything I needed from IKEA if he went for a new floor lamp. The one that used to live there had been requisitioned for my office.

I had been thinking about getting more storage anyway: I was feeling a bit swamped by supplies and the whole room a bit untidy. I just wasn’t sure what sort of storage I wanted. With the prospect of an IKEA-trip, though, I gave it some proper thought.

And decided what I really needed was more crafting space rather than more storage. So now I have two desks, currently one for Working and one for Crafting. When the working-from-home comes to an end, it’ll be one desk for Papercraft and one desk for Sewing.


But I’ve been having a lot of fun with the reorganising. I’ve even managed to find space for all the supplies which lived outside the craft room, such that the only bits not in my craft room are the World Map and a blanket I’m currently crocheting. And my big chest of fabrics, though I could shift it in if I felt inclined.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to go through all the mini cross-stitch kits I’ve collected over the years, and the completed kits. Turns out, they fill a whole box. Now I’m going through all the left-over threads: disentangling them and trying to match up shades.

There’s still a way to go before I’m all organised and tidy, but I feel my Craft Room Project, which began before the first lockdown, is in its final stages. It’s been a slow process, not least because of the lockdowns, but sometimes doing things like this in stages can be good. You work out what you want and what would best suit you.

3 thoughts on “The Craft Room

  1. I love the idea you are prepping your room to be a dual craft room once working at home is over! I can’t wait to reclaim my craft room which has become my husband’s home office!

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