Notes From My Office: April 2021

Sometimes, I build up a backlog of Archers Omnibuses (Omnibii?), and then I settle into my office (in its guise as my craft room) and spend an afternoon catching up while I craft.

It’s easier, I find, than remembering to retune the radio from 3 to 4 every evening at 7pm (or tuning in on Sunday mornings) and then back again, especially as M isn’t an Archers listener, and we prefer Radio 3 for normal listening because of the lack of news.

The image shows a vase of yellow daffodils.

I’m rather wishing I hadn’t built up a backlog over the last month though. The current storyline centres on Alice’s alcoholism, and though she’s never been my favourite character, I do very much feel for her in her self-hatred. Especially as her husband Chris doesn’t seem to know how to use Google to research his wife’s addiction. It’s a bit much to take all in one go and I think I’ll go back to once-a-week listening.

The light relief provided by Jazzer’s love life, and then Lilian finding a photo of Justin dressed as a daffodil, is very much needed to balance Alice and Chris.

My favourite word from this month has been bimble (to move at a leisurely pace, esp. on foot), although the British police slang twoc (car-theft) did amuse me. I presume it comes from taken without consent, but the OED entry didn’t enlighten me. I can just about see Ambridge’s PC Harrison Burns using it if he’d caught Ben and Ruairi when they were joy-riding the farm vehicles.

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