On Writer’s Block and Inspiration

For the first time since I restarted my blogging in Summer 2019, with all my Good Intentions for planning posts well in advance, I failed for today. Naturally, therefore, I shall take my inspiration from this, and write on Writer’s Block, that common or garden excuse for not writing.

I use a bullet journal, of sorts, for my day-to-day diary and to-do list, with sections each month specifically for blog-posts. Dates, topics, notes for the post. The space for today’s has remained stubbornly empty of even a vague topic.

The image shows two notebooks and sheets of paper covered in writing.

I used to have this problem all the time, back when I didn’t have a Proper Schedule with an Editorial Calendar. It was part of the reason for being an on-off sort of blogger, sometimes with many months between posts. Even planning the schedule is less of a problem these days.

With all writing, fiction and non-fiction alike, I find the issue of Writer’s Block is solved by planning. A blank page is far less daunting by knowing, however vaguely, of what you will write, even if you don’t know exactly how you will begin. Start in the middle, and come back to the beginning if you must. Of course, the more details you plan, the easier it is to write.

The other way of dealing with Writer’s Block is to go away, have some chocolate, do something else, and come back later. Try again.

But staring at a blank page, expecting Inspiration to strike, is not how you solve the problem. That much I do know. Inspiration helps those who help themselves.

Planning what you’ll write, though…Well, now, that’s a whole other problem. Sometimes a general topic is sufficient; sometimes you’ll need pages of notes and a Proper Outline.

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