Cooking with Mrs Crocombe: Queen Drop Biscuits

Of all the things to bake, biscuits are often the quickest and easiest. Simple to put together, maybe ten minutes in the oven.

The best thing to bake when in need of a sweet treat.

Wire rack covered with chocolate chip cake-biscuits
Fresh from the oven

Mrs Crocombe’s Queen Drop Biscuits are no different. Perhaps a bit cakey for modern biscuit tastes (though that might have been me using too large a spoonful for each one), but very straightforward and delicious. Even with the switch from currants to chocolate chips. Although I think another time, I might use dried blueberries (if I can find them), which I feel would go very nicely with the lemon zest. Not that the chocolate chips don’t.

They’d probably be even quicker to make if I used the food mixer, instead of beating butter and sugar with a wooden spoon. But then I wouldn’t feel quite as justified in eating them. And these really didn’t last long enough to justify using the mixer.

At least, not in our household.

M gave them the award of Best Biscuits I’d Ever Made, you see. Mind you, I don’t actually make a lot of biscuits, so it’s not like they have a lot of competition.

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