Life in Lockdown: Relaxing Restrictions

Life is beginning to open up again.

From today, non-essential shops and leisure activities can reopen. Hair dressers and zoos, pubs and clothes shops. The weather, too, after last week’s arctic blast, might start to cheer up again.

Black and white cat sitting on a windowsill and looking out into a garden.

There’s talk of the Return to the Office. It might even happen this time, since the Roadmap out of Lockdown currently hopes that all restrictions will be at an end by midsummer. Certainly, the Office is now being opened up once a week, to help us get used to Going to Work again. Although as it’s optional, I’m not up for that yet.

I’m hoping we’ll get around to decluttering the hall, where we’ve dumped all the things awaiting donation to charity shops. Which will probably be inundated with all sorts of donations from everyone else doing the same thing.

I’ll probably have a Proper Spring-Clean and Declutter over the next month or so, one room at a time. It’s easy, in Normal Life, to ignore clutter, because you don’t spend as much time at home. Over the last year, and even though we’d had a clear-out before the first lockdown, I’ve noticed how easy it is for the flat to become untidy and cluttered.

Of course, having several crafting hobbies doesn’t exactly help. The papercrafting clutter is largely confined to my craft-room: it’s the cross-stitch and crochet supplies which have a tendency to spread and take over the sofa.  

But back to opening up. I’m not sure there’s anything particular about this relaxation of restrictions which has me rushing for the door. Other than the donating of items, but that’s been waiting a while. I don’t need to do it immediately.

Is there anything you’ve been waiting for?

3 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown: Relaxing Restrictions

  1. Good luck on your return to work. Thinking about what I’ve been waiting for – more freedom is the first thing that springs to mind, and making my own decisions about what I can do and where I can go.

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    1. I am looking forward to the next step in Restriction-Relaxation, when we can visit family (we’re too far for the Cup of Tea in the Garden visits).


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