This Week in Crafts: Mouseloft Hummingbird

One of the reasons I took up cross-stitching as a hobby again was because of Mouseloft.

If you haven’t come across Mouseloft cross-stitch kits, you’re missing out. They’re the sort of kits which can be completed really quickly, by beginner and advanced stitchers alike. They fit on cards, in scrapbooks, or as patches on pockets.

I was hooked from the first hedgehog.

Even now, with so many other kits and patterns to complete, I still go back to Mouseloft from time to time. I’ve got several in my stash of mini-kits, just waiting to be stitched.

The other day, I pulled out the hummingbird kit. It made me feel quite cheerful, given the sunshine at the time and the bright colours of the threads. That’s another good thing about Mouseloft: it’s easy to tell apart the different thread-shades.

And it only took about an hour, all told, to stitch.

I haven’t decided yet if it’ll be a card, or a scrapbook page, or something else.

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