Beginning Christmas Cards

Now that Easter is out of the way, and with it my main birthday season, I’m turning my attention towards Christmas.

I know. Early. We’ve barely got over the last one; we’ve only just started with the longer, warmer days; it’s the midsummer End of Lockdown parties first.

But given that what I think of as Birthday Season begins in September and carries through until February, I thought I’d be proactive about the Christmas cards this year, especially since I think I cracked them last year. I only had one or two emergency last minute cards to make.

Having played about with tidying and organising my stamp and die sets, I pulled all the Christmas sets out again. Because that’s what tidying’s all about, isn’t it: making a mess again.

Photo showing Christmas-related stamps and embossing folders for card-making
Current Christmas supplies

I’m going to start by gathering all the magazines as well, to flick through for inspiration and to create a supplies list. Otherwise I’ll find something I want to try or adapt and be discouraged because I don’t have what I need and there will go my Good Intention for making cards.

I might even rummage through the Mouseloft patterns I collected while making the Advent calendar and make some of those up for cards.

Don’t worry, though. I do still have a couple of summer birthdays and anniversaries to make cards for, so I won’t just be making Christmas cards. Besides, by about August I’ll be wanting to get started on the new season of birthdays again. Just in time for the magazines to bring me more Christmas sets…

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