This Week in Crafts: Easter Cards

Last year, with lockdown still such a novelty, I decided the thing to do, to help keep people’s spirits up, was to make Easter cards. I found a Celtic cross die and had a play.

I got as far as making one demonstration idea for my scrapbook.

This year, my die, stamp and embossing-folder collection a little bigger, I got as far as actually making three cards! I still haven’t sent them. That’s for next year. When I might manage to make enough while I’m at it.

I embossed these and then coloured the embossed edges with alcohol markers, which I have since learned are not light-fast. Some of them, anyway. I left them on the side which happened to be in direct sunlight by about mid-afternoon. I quite like the faded effect, though, so I’ll probably leave it.

The non-tulip flower embossing folder is helpfully a cut-and-emboss folder, with the heart being just the right size for the circle in the centre of the tulips. I coloured one of the hearts with a couple of Memento inks (I forget which colours though).

Now I’ve just got to not lose them before next Easter…

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