Notes From My Office: March 2021

Ah, the beginning of British Summer Time. Clocks went forward yesterday, though it doesn’t feel very summery yet. Still blowing a gale.

Photo by Thirdman on

It doesn’t feel like we’ve got through nearly three months of 2021. To be fair, though, since the beginning of the first lockdown this time last year, time generally has taken on a very elastic sort of feeling. If I didn’t have a diary to tick off days and note down anything of vague importance, I probably wouldn’t notice the passing of time, or remember what day it is. Even with working.

I’ve been having some non-creative fun in my office this month. My day-job occasionally involves proofing braille texts, which I learnt through UEB Online, and they’ve recently released a new Advanced Maths module, to teach you how to transcribe the sorts of Maths you’d do at A level into braille. Braille Maths is my sort of Maths: I don’t have to answer the questions.

I already knew how to do this sort of Maths-braille, but it’s always good to practise. And to see how much I can do without actually reading the explanatory notes in each lesson.

To be honest, though, I do prefer the North American Maths braille code, Nemeth. Much more intuitive, even for the non-mathematician. I don’t get to play with Nemeth very often, though, being UK-based.

In between the brailling, my interesting words from this month have been few, though they range from owldom [the realm or domain of owls] to quizzcuss [a meddlesome, inquisitive person] to zizzy [vibrant, lively, energetic], by way of the dingles [small, deep valleys of hollows].

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