Nature Notes: March on the Balcony

The balcony’s beginning to get colour again.

Aside from the pale green buds on the magnolia, and the few Pied Piper leaves poking through the soil, the cherry tree is almost in full bloom. It’s very cheery to see the blossom again.

M’s been quite busy with the balcony this past month. Whichever herb it was that sprouted has been growing steadily and has now been rehomed in deeper pots. He’s also built a couple of planters out of an old pallet, which are currently in the bedroom window with various more herbs and wildflowers, and which are now beginning to sprout wildly. Curiously, they only seem to be sprouting at one end of each planter (though one of them looks like it might be beginning to sprout at the other too). And at opposite ends, too.

We’ve seen the odd bee about too, and we’ve finally put up the new bee-hotel. We’ve already had a fat and fluffy bumble rest in it. Hopefully some of the wildflowers will be blooming by the time the bees in the first hotel start to wake up again.

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