The Joys of Spring

This last weekend just gone was the Spring Equinox, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Next weekend, the clocks go back and British Summer Time begins.

I like this time of year. It’s a time of hope and optimism. A time of sunshine and new buds on the trees. A time when I can begin to go barefoot outside again. (It’s actually still a bit chilly for that, for very long anyway, but soon. By Easter, maybe.)

And, much as I like snuggling into big jumpers, it’ll be just as nice not to have to bother, and to get out the lighter, drapier summer-tops. I have some linen to attempt a clone of one I own. If it works, I’ll make more.

To be fair, the only time of the year I don’t much like is the beginning: January is quite a dreary sort of month and I always find it something of a struggle to get to the end of it.

The winter hibernation, which wasn’t really a hibernation but more like what squirrels do, can come to an end. I think I’m happy for my hibernation to end. Not necessarily to be sociable, but just to leave the flat more often for walks around the park and not just to find food. To have a wander and enjoy the sunshine and greenery.

Besides which, all the solar energy and vitamin D I stored last summer has come to its natural end, and now I must recharge my batteries.  

Of course, the trick with any normal summer is in balancing the call of the light evenings with continuing to craft. Last summer wasn’t a problem: there wasn’t anything else to do in the evenings or anywhere else to be. This summer might be different, although as long as I’m still not commuting to the Office it should be all right. I suppose it also depends on whether Lockdown is actually lifted this summer or not.

But for now, I shall enjoy the ever-lengthening days and the increasingly warmer days. The future can take care of itself.

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