Easter Baking: Crème Egg Brownies

I’m not actually much of a fan of crème eggs. Too sickly sweet, I find. But a few weeks ago I was really wanting some brownies and I thought it’d be fun to have a go at crème egg brownies.

Unfortunately, Mrs Crocombe doesn’t have a recipe for brownies, so I had to resort to my Hotel Chocolat recipe book and adapt their brownie recipe (also because it was the one recipe in my collection which only called for the two eggs I had to hand).

I imagine any decent brownie recipe would work. I’ll probably try this again with Delia’s, and then with the Hummingbird. Just to be sure, you know. And also to try different ways of adding the crème eggs.

With these ones, I stirred them into the mixture, with a bag of mini eggs. The crème eggs were also the mini ones, which I think probably work better than the large ones. They might be a bit excessive. But I think even the mini crème eggs would probably have been better just dotted on top of the mixture once it’s in the pan.

Like I say, I’ll have to experiment further.

They do work in brownies though. Much better than eating them on their own. Might try this again with the caramel eggs, or the Lindt truffle eggs, or the oreo eggs. So many options!

6 thoughts on “Easter Baking: Crème Egg Brownies

  1. Cor! Love the idea of creme egg brownies – or any brownies – or anything with extra chocolate in ! In my house I am not sure the chocolate lasts often enough to make it into cake – therefore I actually buy cooking chocolate which is nothing to write home about on it’s own but is delicious when cooked!

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      1. Thanks. I also occasionally only buy dark chocolate snacks – for my husband – I have to be really desperate to eat dark chocolate as I don’t like it much!

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