Recently Read: Regrets and Myths

I’m quite pleased with my reading this month, though I only read two of the three on my list.

No, what I’m pleased about is that I didn’t add any more to the pile, or read ones which weren’t on the list. That is, I feel, quite an achievement. Perhaps I was helped by the shortness of February. Less time and all that. Whatever, I’ll take it and call it a win.

cross-stitched phrase reading so many books

Actually, it’s not really true to say I didn’t read books not on the list: what I didn’t do was read new books. Rereading doesn’t really count, because I can skip bits and don’t have to concentrate. It’s just something to pull off the shelf when I can’t be bothered to move and only have time for a chapter.

The two books from the list that I did read were The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig, and The Ickabog, by JK Rowling. Fortunately, neither was part of a series.

I’m not sure I enjoyed The Midnight Library. I didn’t hate it, and I read it all, but I don’t think it’ll be one I return to very often, if at all. I’m sure it was trying to teach me something about regrets and life and being content, but I don’t think I was very receptive to its lesson.

The Ickabog, on the other hand, will definitely be read again. Though probably to small children at bed-time. If/when I have them. Or I’m baby-sitting. Or just because. I liked that baby Ickabogs are Ickaboggles, and the parent an Icker. And I really liked seeing the drawings by all the children.

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