Nature Notes: February on the Balcony

It’s been chilly this month. Chillier even than when we had the snow. But at least the last week or so has begun to remind us that Spring is indeed on its way, with sunshine, warmer temperatures and crocuses in the park.

It has been very windy in recent days, but early spring sunshine has encouraged us into the woods by the park. We haven’t been the only ones tempted out, either: we’ve seen lots of robins and squirrels, and heard a woodpecker.

And I’ve found some snowdrops on the way to the shops.

Fortunately, my fears for the poor magnolia so far seem unfounded and it continues to thrive. Most of the plant-related things this month have been indoors, though, with various seeds being started in window-sill planters.

We’ve got an M&S wildflower meadow planter, which is doing really well, and a couple of herbs: lemonbalm and dill mammoth. M can’t remember which is which, though, and one is doing considerably better than the other. There’s going to be a lot of herbs this year: M got a dozen or so packets of herb-seeds for Christmas. We don’t, at present, have enough planters to put them all in, which is a bit of a shame, but there are plans to make some out of a couple of pallets.

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