Notes From My Office: February 2021

It seems a bit odd to think that I’m only a couple of weeks short of spending a full year working from home.

I’ve read lots about how people have been reprioritising their lives over the last year, since the first lockdown gave them room to breathe and think. Finding some way to rebalance a life out of kilter with work and leisure, finding new jobs or careers, starting new businesses or beginning new hobbies.

Of course, doing any of these things may not lead to greener grass. It may be that, when, if, we return to what passes for “normal life”, all these new and exciting things aren’t quite compatible. Maybe they’ll be even better. I expect we’ll find out in the coming months as the UK vaccination programme continues and restrictions begin to lift again.

I’ve learnt that what I always thought I wanted – to be able to read, write and craft – is, in fact, what I want. But I’ve also learnt that, when a commute is taken out of the equation, I’m perfectly happy and able to do all these things around a day-job. Sure, I’d love them to be my main source of income, but, currently, that isn’t important in the short-term; the important thing is working from home for the majority of my week.

The trick is going to be in continuing to work from home.

My words this month have been more random than normal, from bear-lead [to act as a guide] to pip emma [p.m.] and scholarian [a scholar]. There’s also been delightsome [giving or providing delight], foofy [fussily decorative] and fontally [from the beginning or source].

3 thoughts on “Notes From My Office: February 2021

  1. I was sitting just thinking the other day – that’s one thing this pandemic has given me – oodles of time to sit. Love the word floofy – aiming to use that in conversation one day this week !

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