This Week in Crafts: Ducks and Swallows

I haven’t actually crocheted at all this month. There are occasional thoughts of coasters to go with the colourful tablecloths, but I haven’t made any. Yet. Probably there will be some at some point. Just not now.

Instead, I’ve been playing with several bird stamps, and with the few Distress inks I have, to make a few just-because card fronts. Because I haven’t actually attached them to any card blanks yet. At the moment, they’re just postcards.

With the ducks, I’ve attempted to give the black feathers that lovely green tint, by going over with an alcohol marker. Not sure how well that works. I’m happier with the swallow’s colouring.

The swallow’s background was done with Distress inks. I got one of the four-pad sets when I first started with papercrafting, but didn’t really do anything much with them, and then I started collecting the Memento inks and used them for ink-blending instead. So these four have been sitting around doing not a lot and I thought I’d see how they compare to the Memento. To be honest, I’m not sure there’s much difference.

I might gather a few more of the Distresses, just to build up the collection a little – it seems silly to have only four – and because I’m looking at getting some of the Distress Oxides. I feel it’s the next step in my ink-blending journey.

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