Life in Hibernation: Love and Pancakes

I thought of writing about Valentine’s today, but being the unsentimental variety of person (as is M, fortunately), I’ve never been much taken with it. I prefer the random bars of chocolate he comes home with to a box of truffles bought because the Retail Gods demand it.

I did make a card, about a month ago, because I was playing with some new watercolour crayons. I didn’t wait until yesterday to give it to M, though. It became a just-because sort of card. A cheerful pick-me-up in the dark dismal days of January.

Besides, we’re more interested in tomorrow, Shrove Tuesday, and pancakes. Especially since M discovered M&S’s Percy Pig sauce for a topping. It sounds awfully sweet. The sort of thing one eats as a last hurrah before giving up sugary treats until Easter. I’ve done that before: giving up chocolate one Lent, I had a double chocolate truffle sauce on my pancakes and couldn’t face chocolate again for about three weeks. Which was just as well, because by then I’d lost any cravings and managed perfectly well for the rest of Lent.

I haven’t, currently, any plans for self-denial in Lent. It doesn’t seem like the time for that. Anyway, that Lent broke the chocolate addiction and I haven’t eaten anywhere near as much as I did before since then.

Are you giving anything up for Lent?

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