Nature Notes: January on the Balcony

We began January with snow, and we’ve ended it with more. I’ve been a bit concerned that the plants might freeze, but they seem to have survived, so far.

All the snow is not to say we haven’t had some sunny days too. I’ve even been tempted out for a lunchtime walk around the park upon occasion, and so have the squirrels. The heron hasn’t been seen in a while though.

The tits seem pleased to have the bird feeder, and we’ve added another to the end of the balcony. We think they’ve a route, with more along the way, because they seem to turn up at roughly the same time each day.

We’ve another bee-hotel, too, with flower-seeds, but we’ll leave both the sowing and the putting up until the spring. Or at least until it’s not freezing. I’m very concerned the magnolia won’t survive. I’m less worried about the others, because they aren’t quite so fragile. The magnolia’s been through a lot. And the strawberry plant seems to be positively thriving! I don’t think it gave us any strawberries last summer, and I’ve seen at least two in the last month.

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