Notes From My Office: January 2021

I had thought to be back in the swing of work by this time, even if it was still from home. Full, busy days.

Such, though, is not to be at this time, and probably not for several months yet, at least. Alas, alack. So upsetting, that I have half days here, two hours there, to myself, to use my craft room for crafting and not working. Devastating, I tell you. (Well, the computer is a bit annoying and gets in the way.)

It’s been a bit harder to collect words though, with the irregular hours. They throw me off a little and I don’t always remember to check the OED’s lists. This seems to have been the way of it for the last few months. You’d think I’d’ve worked it out by now.

However, there have been a few:

Phrontistery – a place for thinking or studying

Foofy – elaborate or intricate (esp. excessively so); fussily decorative

Follily – foolishly, unwisely

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