TWIC: Gina the Giraffe

One of the good things about being a crafter is that Christmas usually comes with crafty things.

In this instance, a crochet kit from Teeny Tiny Knits for a giraffe key-ring, which was just the sort of thing I needed after the numerous stockings I’d made before Christmas. Oh, I still have masses of yarn, and plenty of pattern books, but sometimes there’s such a thing as too much choice.

Now I have projects in mind – well, numerous coasters for the tablecloths – but I’m not much of a one for crocheting things just because. Or perhaps it’s that my pattern books (primarily for toys or other creatures) don’t really lend themselves to just because crocheting.

But this giraffe was a nice and simple sort of pattern, easy to whip up in an evening. No fancy stitches, just double-crochets all the way around. The only thing I didn’t like was using a 3mm hook – I’m not so keen on fiddly little things, but this worked out all right.

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