Fat Quarter Sewing: Making Tablecloths

After the success of my lovely Christmas tablecloth, I’ve decided to make more. Quite a few more, for each of the other seasons of the year. Especially now that I have time again, in between half-days of work.

Not just other seasons, either. Other feast-days or birthdays or other such notable dates. Lots of tablecloths, in fact. Brightly coloured ones, plain ones, patterned ones. And I’ll sort out the overlarge piece of hessian currently serving as a table-protector. Probably change it out for a suitably sized bit of felt or one of those PVC protectors.

Some will use up my current stash of fat quarters, and other will need to be bought entirely new sets. Such a sad state of affairs! I don’t often buy fabrics, given the chest filled to overflowing and the lack of time I spend with my poor Elsie. I might even get around to using up some of my other fabrics.

And, to go with all these lovely colourful tablecloths, I think I’ll crochet new coasters and maybe placemats, partly because I was given a rainbow box of cotton yarn for Christmas and have been trying to work out what to do with it.

It seems unlikely that I’ll use the Winnie the Pooh fat quarters for a tablecloth. Those seem better suited to a child’s quilt, so those will return to the chest until I have a go at quilting. Or perhaps a picnic-blanket.

As for the rest, there’ll be a pastel tablecloth, and a spotty tablecloth, and a flowery tablecloth, and I’m not sure with the cats or the fruits. I suppose it’ll depend on what other patterns I find in my hunting.

I had intended to start with the pastel-coloured ones, for a gentle spring tablecloth, but I’m having trouble finding more, so perhaps I’ll have to start with another.

One of the annoying things about the size of my table is that I require eight fat quarters for a tablecloth, and they don’t seem to come in packs of eight very often. Five, or seven, usually, so I expect I’ll have a very random one at the end, to use up any which didn’t make it into the tablecloth the set was intended for. Or I’ll have to find other things to do with fat quarters. Perhaps some quilted placemats.

One thought on “Fat Quarter Sewing: Making Tablecloths

  1. Great idea for the fat quarters. I love the Winnie the Pooh fabric – perhaps it would make a table cloth for a children’s party, like you say it would make a great picnic blanket for a teddy bear’s picnic.

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