Life in Hibernation: Lockdown 3

Lockdown 3 began with the new school term. It’s supposedly tougher than Lockdown 2, though not as tough as Lockdown 1.

But, given that it doesn’t affect my life too much, I’m going with the whole thing being Hibernation. Because I get to stay snug in my bubble, not having to leave the safety of the sofa to go outside unless I choose to.

As with Part 2, I’m still working – just. We were gearing up for a normally busy few months, but the new restrictions have reduced our workload. It’s going to be a weird spring: normally we’re up to our eye-balls and then some: last year (up to the first lockdown, anyway), I worked an extra week. The year before, an extra three. This year, it doesn’t look like there’ll be any overtime.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely pleased for no overtime, and afternoons, or days, on furlough. It’s just going to be a bit odd.

Now that Christmas is but a memory, M and I have decided that we’re going to need to find other things to celebrate, to get us through the remaining dark months of winter. We might even break the habits of a lifetime and do something for Valentine’s, just to have something nice to look forward to.

We’ve already got a vase of early daffodils to bring a spot of colour and Spring to the flat. They’re one of the best things about this dark and dreary time of year, so cheery and bright as they are. We’ll probably make sure we have some until after Easter. We’re very grateful that M&S have them.

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