2021: The Year of the Map

Last year was the Year of Unfinished Projects. I managed to get several done during the first lockdown last spring, but there is one which continues to…glare…at me.

Thus, this year is the Year of the Map.

Where I got to last year with the Map

Because if I complete nothing else, I want that one to be done (at least to the back-stitching stage). It’s haunted me long enough. And M asking when it’ll be done.

I have, also, other crafting plans – more ambitious cards, for instance, and getting all next year’s Christmas cards done well in advance. To tidy my craft-room and keep it so. Or is that asking too much?

I’m hoping I’ll find the time to get my much-neglected sewing machine out again, especially for making a few more table-cloths, since the Christmas one worked so well. And to start using the fabrics in my stash. I might even be able to put both of those together and use fabrics from the stash to make the rest-of-the-year tablecloths. Now that would sensible! And give me the opportunity to restock for other projects…

Mainly, though, I hope to complete the map this year.

The rest fall under the category of simply Craft More. As in all things, simplicity is key. Anything over-complicated and I’m likely to go full-pelt and then give up within a few weeks, exhausted and bored. Simple and unexciting, that’s the way to go to keep on going. No ups and downs, just nice and steady.

Perhaps Lockdown 3.0 will be of assistance in me completing the map.

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