Recently Read: From Cornwall to Russia

One of the joys of the last month is that I had a total of three weeks off, which gave me lots of time to catch up on my reading, and knock a few things off my TBR list.

I might not have travelled much in the last year, not in-person, but reading has meant that I’ve gone from eighteenth-century Cornwall to mediaeval Russia and back again to Georgian Britain.

The first were the first three Poldark novels: Ross, Demelza and Jeremy (Winston Graham). I was given these for my birthday, and I started Ross in November. That one took a few weeks, in half-hours before sleep, but by the end I was picking it up for just-a-chapter at other times, and reaching for Demelza as soon as I was finished. Which only took a couple of afternoons, and then Jeremy landed on a day when I had absolutely nothing else to do. So it was finished by evening. And now I must order and await the arrival of the rest.

From there I went to Russia, with The Bear and the Nightingale (Katherine Arden), which, again, I now need the next in the trilogy. But I might await slightly warmer weather. It has a very cold, snowy sort of setting, which wasn’t helped by it being cold outside.

But having knocked those four from my TBR pile, they have between them added a further eleven, which isn’t really all that helpful. Sigh. Such is life!

After these excitements, therefore, I turned to reread books which I knew wouldn’t add to my TBR pile: The Convenient Marriage and The Unknown Ajax (both Georgette Heyer). Both very comforting in these days of uncertainty.

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