Notes From My Office: December’s Words

It’s early this month, the words. This is because my office closed for Christmas on Friday, and I’m now on holiday until 2021.

Which is both a good feeling, and a bit weird.

Having none of the normal sorts of “Points of Interest” with which to break up the last year, it’s a bit difficult to remember what happened when, or where it’s all gone. It doesn’t help that my office-work has been different too, with its normal calendar of busy and quiet periods turned on its head. We’re hoping to be back to normal now. And, of course, we haven’t had the annual tradition of the Office Christmas Lunch.

It was also a bit weird on Friday, finishing the year with a quiz and then turning the computer off. None of the normal Merry Christmases or joyous festive feeling as we leave the office. Just a shut down and flop on the sofa in the next room. OK, it wasn’t quite a flop. I think there was some skipping involved, and raucous singing about having a fortnight off. But still. I only had to leave the room.

We haven’t had very many festive words this month, which surprises me a little. We have, though, had various words on the theme of “foolishness”.

Foolometer – a standard or device for the measurement of foolishness or folly

Foolatum – a foolish or stupid person; a fool [We’d like the plural to be foolata]

Foolation – 1) a foolish or ridiculous thing with no use or worth; 2) foolish talk or behaviour

I do wonder sometimes about the OED, and the person who chooses the Words of the Day, although, to be fair, these were merely Recently Published.

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