TWIC: Lots More Christmas Stockings

I’ve been making a lot of the Hobbycraft Christmas stocking pattern I tried last month. Much easier than the Aldi pattern I already had.

I’ve got them down to an art, I think, and can whip one up in about half an hour. It helps that I now have the pattern well and truly fixed in my memory. And that they’ve been solid-colour stockings, which saves time by not needing to keep switching yarns. I’ll try that pattern for next year. Possibly.

I started these using the little balls of colourful freebie yarn I collected when I first started crocheting, and then I started running out of white. I discovered, in rummaging through my stash, a ball of festive red, and then a glittery white when I went a-hunting in the local shops (B&M).

They’re the perfect size for Lindt truffles. I’ve put the mini ones in these (they take up to four), but I expect they’d take one or two of the full-sized truffles.

I still have plenty of both the red and white left. I think for the striped ones I’ll try to find a dark green, to alternate with the red, and keep the white for heels and cuffs. Mind you, solid green ones with white heels and cuffs would also look good. And maybe white toes.

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