Last Minute Christmas Cards

If you’re anything like me, by now (this year at any rate), you’ll have organised your cards and gifts for posting. You might even have already posted them.

And you’ll probably have discovered that the Christmas Card List was missing at least one person or family. Maybe even two. I thought my list was complete, when I made it back in August. I thought I’d made them all by the beginning of December.

I was wrong. Obviously.

Rummaging up a couple of cards wasn’t too much of a hassle though. It could have been worse: I could have put all the other cards in a Safe Place and had to remake them all.

Even better was the current Creative Stamping stamp and stencil set (issue 90), from which I made a couple of simple cards in minutes. To be fair, the set from the previous issue (89) would also have lent itself well to last minute cards (and none of my cards ever take me very long to make. Simplicity is key). I don’t normally get Creative Stamping, but the Christmas sets particularly have been creatively inspiring. I suspect I’ll be picking it up a bit more often.

These were very simply done, with the word stamps heat-embossed in white before inking over with the stencils and daubing around the edge of the card-front with the same colour. The pheasant was heat-embossed in copper and then fussy-cut. That was the trickiest bit of the whole thing, but I think I’m getting the hang of fussy-cutting. And heat-embossing, if it comes to that.

I have a feeling that I might make a start on next year’s cards soon, too. Nothing like a bit of over-achieving organisation!

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