Recently Read: The Season of Austen

I’ve done better at finishing the books I start in the last month. Perhaps because I’ve mostly been reading the same author, which helps.

Having begun with Pride and Prejudice last month, I’ve now gone through five of the six Austens, with only Mansfield Park left to go, although I seem to have misplaced my copy.

One thing I’ve found through reading them is that, although I definitely know all the stories, I hadn’t actually read them all. I know I’ve never read Mansfield Park, but I discovered that I didn’t remember reading Persuasion, Emma or Sense and Sensibility in their entireties before. The problem, I suspect, is that I’ve watched any number of adaptations of them all, so I do know what happens.

I just hadn’t read the books before. Except Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey.

Of these five I’ve now read, I think Northanger Abbey is my favourite. They all have moments and characters I like, but I like the relationship between Catherine, her reading and her imagination, and the troubles they get her into.

Now, having got myself into a late-eighteenth-century frame-of-mind, I’m turning to the Poldark novels I was given for my birthday, and am reading Ross Poldark. I haven’t yet watched the BBC series: I thought I’d try reading it first.

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