TWIC: Cheerful Cards

It’s been very grey and dark of late. Very wrap up under a blanket and shut the world out sort of weather. Such is the way of winter.

A few weeks ago, having seen the lovely stained-glass stamp set with a recent issue of Creative Stamping, I took the opportunity to also pick up a back-issue from the summer: the one with all the tropical stamps. I’d thought about getting it at the time, but decided not to, for reasons I can’t now remember. But it was going cheap on CraftStash, and so I ordered it.

And I’m glad I did, because it’s good to have a break from Christmas cards.

As always, reasonably simple cards, the frog one more so that the sunshine one.

As always, reasonably simple cards, the frog one more so that the sunshine one.

The frog is simply an ink background, with the planty thing stamped in a darker green, and the frog fussy-cut and coloured. If I hadn’t remembered a birthday coming up, it might have had the “Oh, Hello!” sentiment instead, and been kept as a Just-Because card.

The sunshine card will probably hang around as a Just-Because card. And because it makes me cheerful. It’s the bright colours. Again playing with ink-blending for the background, and then with the sentiment stamped and heat-embossed in gold, and the butterfly heat-embossed in silver and fussy-cut.

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