Notes From My Office: November’s Words

I’ve been getting better at crafting around the computer. Or do I mean working around the crafting supplies? Perhaps that.

I’m trying to remember to tidy up as I go along, or as soon after I’m done with the crafting as possible. But I don’t always. And then I have to work around the paper scraps and stamp sets. It’s a hard life, this working from home malarkey.

Probably over Christmas, when the office closes for a fortnight, I’ll sort it out properly, ready for January. It seems silly to do anything now, with only three weeks to go. And I think I’ve finished making all the Christmas cards I need. No doubt I’ll make one or two more, just in case, or to start on next year’s.

modern anemones stamp set

Words this month have had a natural-world feel to them mostly, although we did also have blathershite (one given to voluble, empty talk) and waynpain (one who has to work for his bread; a servant; a labourer).

Reptiliferous – [of sedimentary rock] containing reptile fossils

Molly-blob – the marsh marigold

Septemfluous – flowing in seven streams.

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