Nature Notes: November on the Balcony

There’s not really a lot to say – there’s nothing much happening on the balcony at the moment. It’s been quite a wet and windy sort of month. We had to take the ledge-box off the railing, before the wind blew it off.

The trees have lost their leaves for winter and the flowers are all finished. M talks of getting fleece for the magnolia, to help it through the frosts, but he hasn’t done that yet.

The heron can still be seen on its corner of the river-bank, but that’s all the wildlife at present.

We have, though, already got our Christmas tree up. It’s a Fraser fir and has a slightly lemony scent. The trip to the garden centre for it also yielded an addition for Bertie the bonsai, which lives on the kitchen window-sill, in the form of Hamish the Highland cow.

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