TWIC: Christmas Stockings

Every Christmas since I started crocheting, I’ve thought about making little stockings, perhaps to hang on the tree.

A couple of years ago I picked up a crochet kit from Aldi, with three patterns for Christmas decorations, one of which was a stocking. It was the reason I got the kit. I still haven’t made the other two decorations, a Santa and a snowman. I did, though, make several of the stockings.

Not sure what happened to the stockings after that Christmas.

This year, I’m making more.

But I’m also trying another stocking-pattern, from Hobbycraft.

Having made one of each, I think I prefer the Hobbycraft pattern. It took considerably less time to make, for one thing (I think about half as much time, even as a first attempt), and I like the shape better. It should still fit a couple of Lindt truffles.

There’s also a version of striped stockings, which I shall shortly attempt. I will require more red, green and white yarn, though. Unless I make some in less festive colours.

I think I miscounted with the top of the Aldi stocking. Never mind.

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