Giraffes and Ferns

Most of my efforts recently have been in the long list of Christmas cards, but every now and then, I get to do something a little different.

Because people still have birthdays, even in pandemics, even in the run-up to the Great Festive Season. In my family, lots of us have birthdays in the run-up to Christmas. And then shortly afterwards too. We’re a bit inconsiderate like that.

With the giraffe, I had to practise fussy-cutting. And stamping it, to be honest. There’s quite a lot of it that can smudge slightly. Or maybe that was just me, because I was using the stamping block rather than getting out my stamping platform. I quite like using washi tape like this too. It’s an easy way to create a frame for the main image.

But I still really like the dew-drop dash for doing backgrounds. I’ve had the fern stamps for a while – I think since about February – but I haven’t really played with them much before.

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