Nature Notes: October on the Balcony

Ah, October. When the clocks go back and the evenings darken. When, ideally, I would go into hibernation until spring (waking up for Christmas, of course). The weather is being especially dark and gloomy right now. Very soggy.

The cherry tree, whose blossoms first inspired me to track the months on the balcony, has gone from beautiful red leaves at the start of the month, to completely bare. To be fair, it was aided in this by some recent extremely blustery sorts of weather.

We don’t have any winter flowering plants; perhaps M will get some to brighten the balcony this year.

On the other hand, we’ve had a rather large spider take up residence on the railings, and we found a very gorgeous beetle on the lavender at the front of the building, since identified as a rosemary leaf beetle. Fortunately, it was nowhere near the spider. And the heron has been seen sheltering beneath the trees overhanging its fishing spot on the river.

I know, technically, the heron isn’t on the balcony, or even seen from the balcony, but I like seeing it.

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