Making Christmas Cards

I don’t normally send Christmas cards – not just the ones I don’t make, but bought cards either. Maybe the odd one or two, to those whom I won’t see over the Christmas period, but generally, not.

But this year, I have a feeling they might come into their own, given that we’ll probably be in some sort of lockdown and won’t be able to go home for Christmas. This is also partly why I made a list a couple of months ago, and actually started making festive cards. And, of course, it’s the Main Event for card-makers. Like in card-retail: Christmas keeps you going for the rest of the year when it’s mostly just the odd birthday card.

I’ve still got a few to go – who hasn’t? – but I’ve made a good start, especially with the cross-stitch ones (even if they haven’t yet been stuck to card bases). And I had a recent craft splurge at Hobbycraft. Always fun, although I haven’t finished either of the kits I got then. I’ve started one with penguins, but I ran into more fractionals. Damn!

I’ve been playing instead with my stamps and die-cuts, and fussy-cutting. Soon, soon, I shall get on with putting the patches onto cards. Honest.

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