Notes From My Office: October’s Words

At the end of last month, we thought we’d be returned to the Office by now.

Now, of course, that plan has changed, and we’re still at home, and likely to be for a while. We’ve stopped trying to guess when we might return. I decided not to wait until the work-computer has gone before rearranging my office, mostly because I wanted to be nearer the window for what little daylight I can get. And I’ve draped fairy lights around my desk. Necessary for these shorter days, I find.

Of course, working from home has more advantages as we go into winter. Not having to wake up while it’s still dark out makes quite a difference. And not having to go out when it’s all windy and rainy and quite honestly not very nice outside is even better. October has very definitely been a welly-boot weather sort of month.

And, that being so, I have welly-boot sorts of words this month, for when you venture out. We have little need for wellies these days, since the park has tarmacked paths, but if we get there at the right time, we can crunch the leaves before they’re swept away.

Drizzerable – unpleasantly damp

Slutchy –  muddy, slushy

Slag – slippery (with mud, etc.); muddy

Slob – a sloppy mess; a wet or muddy mess

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