TWIC: Christmas Ornaments

A few years ago, I inherited some cross-stitched Christmas tree ornaments from my grandmother.

This year, I thought I’d add to the collection, given that one of the kits from last year that I never got around to making at the time was for a couple of ornaments. Make a change from card patches.

I made one, and then managed to lose one of the reds – it got lost in the shaggy red rug beneath the table and has only just been found – so I’ve still got the second, a robin, to make. It’s true I could have taken the red from my stash (I’m fairly sure I have the correct red), but I got distracted by this month’s WOXS, and the Popcorn the Bear kit which came with it. Back to the card patches it is!

I’ll make the robin ornament when I’ve finished Popcorn. Probably best not to have too many mini kits on the go at once. Not with the map still glaring at me from its corner.

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