The Dew Drop Dash Background

As with all crafts, I like simple things. I craft to empty my brain and I don’t want anything too complicated, or that requires too much thought about it. There are times and places for complicated, though, and no doubt as I practise different techniques, I’ll start to make more complicated ones.

But in falling down the YouTube Rabbit Hole over the past months, I came across this simple technique, and since I have dew drop inkpads, I gave it a go, and have become quite enamoured.

It’s simple. It’s effective. It takes barely any time.

You just pick your colours for the background – the lighter ones work best – and just dash them across the card in one sweeping movement. Maybe give it a little arch, like a rainbow. And then stamp over the top.

I use A6 pieces of white card, and trim the uneven edges off once I’ve inked, so it fits neatly on the card base. The swallow was my first attempt, which is why there’s so much more white left.

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