Notes From My Office: September’s Words

It seems we still have at least another month before we return to the Office, although as with so much this year, that is subject to change. Who has the crystal ball to tell us of the next few weeks, or months?

But my home-office has changed a bit, with a couple of shelving units (IKEA’s Kallaxes, if you’re interested – it was the most stressful IKEA trip I think I’ve ever had, to get them) for all my crafting supplies. It’s still not quite as I envisaged, since the desk has to be positioned just-so for all the computer cables, but I feel happier in it now that the floor isn’t strewn with stamp sets, magazines, and ribbons.

When the computer goes, it’ll all move around a bit, so I can stare out the window more easily. Although, I suppose with the shorter days there’ll be less for me to look at.

Anyway, with all the continued outside stresses, my words this month have been a little, well, cuter, mostly. The sorts of words that bring a smile.

Ember months – the final four months of the year

Walklet – a short walk [though I’m not sure how short a walk it might be]

Farmette – a small farm

Porcupette – a baby porcupine

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