Nature Notes: September on the Balcony

One of the side-effects of not having done anything very much since lockdown began back in March is that time has a different meaning. This was, in part, why I started taking photos of the balcony, to track the seasons and their effects on the plants we have.

I’ve been in my home-office for six months now. I’ve seen two seasons come and go on the balcony, and now a third is starting. I watched the cherry tree blossom back in April, and now its leaves are turning red in the late summer sunshine. The herbs have done well all summer and we’ve harvested the remainder for freezing, so we can add fresh herbs to winter meals.

We’ve basked in the spring sunshine, and been washed out by the summer thunderstorms, and now we’re back to enjoying some autumnal sunshine, which brings a lovely colour to the now golden trees.

The bee-friendly wildflowers and the catnip are still blooming, bringing new visitors to the bee hotel and providing a late summer picnic for the butterflies. The only difficulty is in persuading the local spiders not to set up webs in such a way as to catch the bees or butterflies.

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