TWIC: Waffle Stitch Cushion

I’ve taken a little break from the 99 Granny Squares Project because I specifically wanted to learn the Waffle Stitch.

There’s a project I have in mind for it, but I wanted to learn it first and the instructions didn’t make much sense. I feel this is becoming something of a pattern, with written instructions, but hey ho.

So I went off to find a better aid, and found various YouTube videos, including Fiber Spider’s granny square version. And because I had all those odds and ends left over from M’s blanket, I thought I’d use them up to make him a cushion cover to match it.

Naturally, though, I didn’t have enough ends to make both sides, so I did have to go to Hobbycraft to get another ball, and I still have a few ends left, but even so. I used up most of them. The yarn used is the Hayfield Spirit range, and one 100g ball is enough for each side of a 14″-15″ cushion cover, plus an end to join them together.

And now I’m working on a big cushion, not in a square, for my idea of making the fabric chest a bench for my craft room. Waffle stitch has a wonderfully squishy sort of effect.

I still haven’t got to the project I was originally learning it for, either. Oh well!

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