TWIC: New Cross-Stitch Beginnings

Back at the beginning of home-working, all the way back in March, I thought I’d help to cheer up the time at home with a cross-stitch magazine subscription. I’ve had one previously, but for the last few years I’ve mostly just been buying cross-stitch magazines on an ad-hoc basis, depending on whether I liked the free kit and a sufficient number of the patterns shown on the cover.

But, with trying to reduce trips to the shops, I thought a subscription would be a good idea. I chose Cross Stitch Crazy, partly because there was an offer of six issues for £9.99, and I thought that would probably cover me for most of lockdown. Except it then paused publication, before I could receive my first issue, and has now, sadly, ceased publication permanently.

Also, I know: I still have my map to complete, I don’t really need any more patterns to begin and put aside. Or, indeed, any more mini kits.

However, my subscription has been switched over to their sister publication The World of Cross Stitching, beginning next month, so it’ll cover the winter instead. On my trip to the shops this week, I picked up a copy of the current issue.

My intention is that, each month, I will actually make the free kit, instead of just chucking it into the stash with all the others, although I haven’t yet made the card that came with this one.

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