Reading Lists: Curses and Gossip

One of the good things to come out of all the staying at home is that, finally, friends and I have sorted ourselves out with a sort of book-group. I say that, but we have only had one meeting, held via Skype (which I was amazed to discover firstly still existed, and secondly that I could remember how to use it).

Anyway, we’ve talked about a book-group each time we’ve met up (in those pre-Covid days), and tried different ways of discussing books, but nothing doing. Until this summer, when we finally got our acts together, and managed a first book-chat.

It’s not a Pick a Book and Read It to discuss next month sort of group, but just a generally bookish chat, of all the books we’ve read recently. A way of getting recommendations, if you will.

Which my only fully read book this last month was.

The Pursuit of William Abbey, by Claire North

After witnessing the lynching of a boy in South Africa, Dr William Abbey is cursed by the boy’s mother. He will be followed for the rest of his life by the boy’s shadow, to know and speak the truth of others’ hearts.

I found this very compelling to read. Not quite a page-turner, but there was something in the writing which kept me reading, kept me wanting to know more. I didn’t like or dislike it, but I still wanted to read it.

cross-stitched phrase reading so many books

The rest of my reading is slower, partly because I’m part-way through several and have been dipping in and out.

Harriette Wilson’s Memoirs – I’ve been reading this for most of the year. Not because it’s heavy going, but because the chapters are fairly self-contained. It’s very gossipy about the various men who usually turn up as secondary characters in the Heyers I love so much.

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – this is my current Kindle read, which is the reason for the slowness of my reading.

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