The Crafter’s YouTube Rabbit-Hole

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been down a YouTube Rabbit-Hole.Snowbunny

I started using YouTube marginally more frequently when I learnt to crochet, then when I started papercrafting. Especially with crochet, I find it easier to follow instructions when there’s a demonstration, rather than when they’re just written down.

Then, a few months back, I don’t know how or why or what YouTube was thinking, but it offered me a video of someone trying an Edwardian hair-care regime. Because lockdown.

And because lockdown, I watched it. And thus discovered the various historical dress makers of YouTube. And thence Mrs Crocombe of Audley End House’s Victorian recipes and hint of a Devon accent (very comforting for one so far from home). And then YouTube offered up Tiny House videos and I was too far down the rabbit-hole to say no.

It’s been something of a wild ride.

It’s also partly why I have finally decided to sort out my craft-desk (one of the fashion-makers does gentle inspiration/motivation), and my lovely big chest of fabrics. As part of the renovations, that is going to get a cushion made and attached to the top for it to be my crafting seat. So I don’t waste space. I did have the thought that it might then be easily pushed under the desk when not in use, but (lots of) fabric is (un)surprisingly heavy. So that probably won’t happen, except on special occasions. Like a visitor needing to use the spare room.

When it’s all sorted there might end up being some sewing content, as well as all the other crafty things I do. I mean, there IS that big chest of fabrics I’ve collected and never used.

Not that I know yet what I’m going to do with all the fabrics, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

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